ChroNoiR (くろのわ) – Sugar Hate (シュガーヘイト) [叶 Kanae and 葛葉 Kuzuha] | Color-coded Lyrics Jpn/Rom/Eng


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→English Translation by CrystalNeko/NekoSubs
→Original translated video by CrystalNeko:
→I do not own any of the music and illustrations in the video.
Credits to:
Kanae/Kanae Channel
Kuzuha/Kuzuha Channel

Vocal Directing and Sound Production: Natsushiro Takaaki (@_natsushiro)
Lyrics and Composition: Nuyuri (@nulut)
Mixing and Mastering: Kaise P (@KAISE_P)
Illustration: AKKE (@akke299)

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